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(RoboCop 2, EUA, 1990)

Frases em Inglês

(Robocop shoots at man with cigarette)
RoboCop : Thank you for not smoking.

Cain : You want me?
RoboCop : Dead or alive.
Cain : One of us must die.
RoboCop : Dead, then.

Cain : People want paradise, and they will have it.

RoboCop : You sold us out, Officer Duffy!

RoboCop : Where is Cain?

(Last Lines)
Lewis : That son of a bitch is getting away with it and we can't even touch him.
RoboCop : Patience, Lewis. We're only human.

RoboCop : Ladies, stay down.

(Before killing Cain)
RoboCop : Goodbye.

Hob : They say he's got a brain. I wanna see it.

Hob : Don't leave me.
RoboCop : I won't leave you.

RoboCop : You're coming with me Cain.

RoboCop : Cain, let's take this outside!

Angie : Made in America.
Cain : Yeah, we're going to make that mean something again.

Angie : You said you were just gonna scare him!
Cain : Doesn't he look scared?

RoboCop : Isn't the moon wonderful tonight?
Lewis : It's daylight.
RoboCop : It's the thought that counts
Lewis : Oh Jesus, we're heading back to the station!

Cain : Do you think it was me that beat you? It wasn't. It was this.

(Strangling Officer Lewis)
Hob : You look a little out of breath, bitch!

Mayor Kuzack : Bullshit! This is bullshit, you senile old bastard! Bullshit!
Mayor's Assistant: Let's get out of here. Calm down.
Mayor Kuzack : I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm in control. It's fine, it's okay. Oh, one last thing, gentlemen: we will sue your asses.
The Old Man : Give it your best shot.
Mayor Kuzack : Fuck you, you old senile bastard! This is bullshit! Fuck you!

(Robocop arrives to confront Cain, who is now Robocop 2)
Dr. Juliette Faxx : You! Get out of here! You're obsolete!

RoboCop : Isn't the moon wonderful tonight?
Lewis : It's still day time.
RoboCop : It's the thought that counts.

Hob : (Robo aims his gun at him, then retracts) Can't shoot a kid can ya, fucker?

RoboCop : Waste makes haste. For time is fleeting. A rolling stone is worth two in the bush.
Boy: Go fuck a refrigerator, pecker neck!
RoboCop : Bad language makes for bad feelings.

The Old Man : (watching the Robocops fight) Behave yourselves!

Hob : (to Robocop) I'm gonna die. You know what that's like, don't you? It really sucks.

(Robocop enters a busy arcade)
RoboCop : Isn't this a school day?

The Old Man : Sometimes we just have to start over again from scratch to make things right, and that's just what we're going to do. We're going to make a brand-new city!

(first lines)
Magnavolt Salesman : MagnaVolt - The final word in auto security. No embarrassing alarm noise, no need to trouble the police... And it won't even run down your battery!
Commercial Voiceover: MagnaVolt! Lethal Response!

Casey Wong : On the international scene the Amazon nuclear facility has blown it's stack irradiating the worlds largest rainforest. Environmentalists are calling it a disaster.
Jess Perkins : But don't they always.

Customer: Hey - Cops! And they ain't carryin' no picket signs!
Vendor : They gonna kick sombody's ass!

The Old Man : This could look bad for OCP, Johnson. Scramble the best spin team we have.

Ellen Murphy : (seeing Robocop with his helmet) Murphy, is it really you...
RoboCop : (gets up and walks to her, mesh metal fence separating them)
Ellen Murphy : (crying) Don't you remember me? Whatever they have done to you... whatever has happened we can work it out... start again...
RoboCop : (leans forward, coldly) Touch me...
Ellen Murphy : (she touches his lip, downhearted) It's cold...
RoboCop : (coldly, holding back emotion) They made this to honor him...
Ellen Murphy : (crying) No...
RoboCop : (holding back emotion in his voice) Your husband is dead... I don't know you...

Cain : Jesus... had days like this.

Cain : (after injecting the Blue Velvet Nuke, which slurred his speech) Frank. The Benzedrine's got my teeth wiggling. Cut it with sc - Scopalomine. 5 mills per.

RoboCop : And now, a word on nutrition...
Little Leage Player: Jeez, he's fucked up!