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(The Intern, EUA, 2015)

Frases em Inglês

Jules: (Alluding to age difference) I'm glad you also see the humor in this.
Ben: (Smiles wryly) It would be hard not to.

Jules: (Waves to daughter's friend who hides behind her mom's legs) Hi, Maddie.
Paige: (In a stage whisper) Bipolar!

Fiona: I'm Fiona, the house masseuse. Love that there's another oldie but goodie here... How's that, Ben?
Ben: Oh, hmm, oh boy
Davis: Here you go... You're not as old as I thought you were.

Ben: I just know there's a hole in my life and I need to fill it... soon.

Ben: I still have music in me, absolutely positive about that!

Ben: Back in action. Thank god!

Jules: It's 2015, are we really still critical of working moms?

Jules: Mark Zuckerberg never brought in a CEO - and he was a teenager!