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(The Hitcher, EUA, 2007)

Frases em Inglês

(from trailer)
John Ryder : Strangers think I'm trustworthy
Jim Halsey : Aren't you?
John Ryder :

John Ryder : (points to Grace) She's a good looking girl... how long have you been fucking her?
Jim Halsey : What?
John Ryder : It's a simple question.
Jim Halsey : (Jim see's John's wedding ring) How long have you been fucking your wife?
John Ryder : I'm not married.
Jim Halsey : Then what's with the ring?
John Ryder : Makes strangers think I'm trustworthy.
Jim Halsey : Are you?
John Ryder : No...
(John destroys Jim's cell phone)

Grace Andrews : Please! Stop!
John Ryder : I can't...

Buford's Store Clerk : (points John out to Jim) Hey, think this was the guy having the car trouble?
John Ryder : (to Jim) That was you?
Jim Halsey : Yeah man... sorry about that
John Ryder : Don't worry about it... I wouldn't pick me up either

Jim Halsey : Grace? Grace? Morning.

Grace Andrews : Jim, I just wanna go home.

Jim Halsey : Come on, we'll stop in the next town we'll get some food, I'll talk to the cops and we'll be drinking beers with your friends by tonight, besides we got one hell of a story to tell.

Grace Andrews : Yeah, you just wanna tell all my friends you saved my life.

Jim Halsey : Yeah. Lets go eat.

(from trailer)
Grace Andrews : It was pouring rain and he just needed a lift.

(from trailer)

(from trailer)
Jim Halsey : What do you want?
John Ryder : I want you to say four little words: I... Want... To... Die

(from trailer)
Jim Halsey : I DONT WANT TO DIE!

(from trailer)
Grace Andrews : OHH MY GOD!... it's him

Grace Andrews : I'm excited for the girls to meet you
Jim Halsey : I can't wait to meet them. Your friends gonna like me?
Grace Andrews : They're gonna love you... LOOKOUT!
Grace Andrews : OHH My God!... Did you hit him?
Jim Halsey : What the fuck was that guy doing in the road?
Grace Andrews : Did you hit him?
Jim Halsey : I dont know! I don't know. Shit!
Jim Halsey : You ok?
Grace Andrews : Yeah. We almost killed him
Jim Halsey : I'm gonna go see if he's ok
Grace Andrews : What? Why?
Jim Halsey : Grace, we're in the middle of nowhere. We can't just leave that guy out there, we have to see if he's ok
Grace Andrews : That guy is just standing there, Jim. He's not even moving. What kind of freak just stands in the middle of the road and doesn't even flinch?
Jim Halsey : He's coming over here. I'm gonna go talk to him
Grace Andrews : No please! Let's just call someone for help ,ok? Let's go. I don't wanna pick up a stranger out here.
Jim Halsey : Allright. Allright
Grace Andrews : What's wrong?
Jim Halsey : engine's flooded
Grace Andrews : Cmon, he's coming up here
Jim Halsey : CMON! START!
Jim Halsey : I've never pulled a 360 before
Grace Andrews : Just keep your eyes on the road

Grace Andrews : Hello?
Jim Halsey : You still asleep?
Grace Andrews : No, I'm not...
Jim Halsey : Get Up! I'm outside
Grace Andrews : What time is it?
Jim Halsey : It's time to go. Hurry up! You're late... Hey
Grace Andrews : Sorry I'm late
Jim Halsey : It's OK
Grace Andrews : Good morning
Jim Halsey : morning... nice PJs
Grace Andrews : Lets go?
Jim Halsey : We're going!
Jim Halsey : I know that look; You gotta to pee
Grace Andrews : No I don't... Yeah OK, yeah I do
Jim Halsey : Babe, We just left
Grace Andrews : I know, I'm sorry
Jim Halsey : We havent even been 6 blocks
Grace Andrews : But I gotta go!
Jim Halsey : ...OK
Grace Andrews : I'll be fast

Trooper: Put that gun down. PUT THAT GUN DOWN, GOD DAMNIT!
Grace Andrews : I can't. Please! Don't take him, please! W'ere so sorry... PLEASE!
Trooper: Gun down NOW!
Grace Andrews : No!
John Ryder : You useless waste!

(from trailer)
Jim Halsey : He's not gonna stop

(from trailer)
Grace Andrews : You should be out there looking for him right now! HE IS GONNA KILL MORE PEOPLE!

(last lines)
(after Grace shoots John repeatedly in his bulletproof vest)
John Ryder : Feels good, doesn't it?
Grace Andrews : I don't feel anything.
(Grace shoots John in the head, and walks away)

Buford's Store Clerk : We got donkeys out back that we have been raising. I got kicked in the face by one of them, that's why I got this lazy eye. I tried milking a donkey, but you can't milk those donkeys man.

Grace Andrews : (while getting felt up) You're making me horny.
John Ryder : (Surprising Grace) You're making me fucking horny, you cunt!
Grace Andrews : Fuck you!
(Hits Ryder with a lamp)
John Ryder : Bitch!

John Ryder : Feels good, doesn't it?
Grace Andrews : I don't feel a thing.

Lieutenant Esteridge : I don't give a rat's cock bag how you do it. You will pull them over.

Lieutenant Esteridge : Five Finger Fuck ME

John Ryder : So, how long have you been fucking her?
Jim Halsey : Excuse me?

Buford's Store Clerk : that little philly sure knows her processed food
Jim Halsey : yeah

(last lines, after Grace shoots John repeatedly in his bulletproof vest)
John Ryder : Feels good, doesn't it?
Grace Andrews : I don't feel anything.
(Grace shoots John in the head, and walks away)

John Ryder : I can't...

Lieutenant Esteridge : (his last lines) Go fuck yourself!
(Ryder shoots him in the head)

Grace Andrews : (after crashing their car trying to warn the family about John Ryder being in their car) How did he find us?
Jim Halsey : Maybe he wasn't looking for us... maybe it was just bad luck.
(Jim throws the 'lucky' penny he found earlier in the movie)

John Ryder : (after grabbing Jim in the Jail cell) You scream like a little bitch!